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An Open Letter to CBCP…

Dear CBCP, WE DO NOT FORGET, EITHER! We, the Filipino people are thankful to your contributions in restoring the long lost democracy to this country. Because of your noble efforts we now have a government of the people, for the... Continue Reading →

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Why I’m not an Atheist…

In my previous entry "Is there a God?", you would have noticed that I never had my answer to the question I posted, that is because I really never intend to give one. I was thinking of an alternative way... Continue Reading →

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IDIOT’S GUIDE: How to be stupid without trying so hard? – Run for Senator and conduct Senate hearings…

In a recent Senate hearing on fake news headed by Sen. Grace Poe, Senators A.Tril, RiSHonti, Bam A. and K.Pang, attacked pro-Duterte Bloggers Mocha Uson and RJ Nieto the man behind Thinking Pinoy blog and mind you not for fake... Continue Reading →

De Lima’s Test Case: A petition to mock the Justice System (draft…)

On the 7th of November 2016, Sen. Leila De Lima through his counsel De La Salle University College of Law Dean Jose Manuel Diokno, filed a petition before the Supreme Court asking for special remedy of  "Writ of Habeas Data". The... Continue Reading →

What is a fanatic? "A person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause: RELIGIOUS FANATICS" - Oxford online dictionary Many religious people attack Duterte for being morally inept to lead the country. I cannot... Continue Reading →

Marian Apparitions

Marian Apparitions.

The weaknesses of Evolution…

I read an interesting article in the EVN about one paper entitled "Dissecting Darwinism" that appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings. It discusses on the failure or limitation of Darwinian mechanism to explain recent discoveries and... Continue Reading →

Dumbest questions in the Universe…the Miss U 2011

I never thought that the dumbest questions in the universe can be found in Miss U 2011 until my interest on the show grew due to some interesting stories I heard about for this year's edition. The Miss Universe Pageant,... Continue Reading →

the significance of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary…

The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is commemorated today by the Whole Christendom. As we take part of this celebration, let us call to mind that on this day some two thousand years ago, a girl was born of... Continue Reading →

that ship has sailed…

When I opened my Facebook today, I've noticed that each person in my list flooded their status with words of gratitude and admiration for their mothers which I find interesting. "Ah, so today is Mother's Day," I said to myself.... Continue Reading →

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