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The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is commemorated today by the Whole Christendom. As we take part of this celebration, let us call to mind that on this day some two thousand years ago, a girl was born of a barren woman named Anna who was married to a very old man named Joachim. According to tradition, Anna who never had a child was already very old to bear a child. God promised them a child despite of her advanced age. And Mary was the a fulfillment of that promise from God.

Non-Catholics may ask what is so special about Mary’s birth to us Christians?

The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the anticipation of the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. Through Mary’s birth, we have been assured of our salvation through her participation in the work of redemption. Mary didn’t do extra ordinary things nor did she perform miracles like the prophets did. Mary simply obey God’s will and nothing more. That is, she willingly accepted her role to become the mother of Jesus. When the angel appeared to her and announced that she will bear the Son of the Most High, Mary’s response was ” be it done unto me according to thy word.” (Luke 2:30).

The work of man’s redemption was preceded by the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah (Isaiah 7:14). Mary was the first person to become a Christian, as she was the first person to accept Jesus Christ in her life (Luke 2:30). Mary was the first person to preach when she commanded the servants to listen to and obey Jesus’ words (John 2:5). It was through Mary’s word that Jesus performed his first miracle and manifested his glory (John 2:11).

As Jesus accomplished his work of redemption on the cross, He gave his own mother to be our mother too. At the foot of the cross, in the Gospel of John, we have learned that as Jesus fulfilled hi mission, the continuity of his work on salvation was entrusted to His mother. The whole of mankind was entrusted into the care of His own mother, Mary (John 19:26-27). For it is through Mary that Satan’s head shall be crushed (Genesis 3:15).

How many times in the past we have forgotten this sublime dignity we have with Mary as our Mother? Let us seize this moment to meditate on our spirituality as we journey in this life. There may be a lot of things running in our heads now and it’s sad that non of these are for our spiritual needs. I myself is guilty on this and may have taken a long step backward since the last time I have dedicated my life into something spiritual. Now I can only hope. I need to steer my life back into the right direction by taking Mary as an example to follow.