In my previous entry “Is there a God?”, you would have noticed that I never had my answer to the question I posted, that is because I really never intend to give one. I was thinking of an alternative way to satisfy the question. So here it is…

At one particular time in the past, it occurred to me if those people from the other side of the fence are true to the assumption or idea that there is no God or Creator – that everything just happened by chance, and so I asked myself  some questions – “is it possible or logical to conclude or to even assume that there is no Supreme Being or Creator responsible for everything? How does everything came into existence if there is no Creator, then?”

Big Bang? Don’t ever think about it, you will find yourself more in trouble if you bring this subject up for discussion…hehe… I would love to have this one on the table…next time dude, next time…

Okay so to answer the questions, I have to look into all the possibilities that everything around us, seen and unseen, quantifiable and none quantifiable, indeed, came into existence by mere chance or by random act of nature. But gathering and looking into the facts are just one step to finding the answer.

You don’t have to have a brain like Albert Einstein or that of Stephen Hawking in order to figure out the logical conclusion. All you need is a pair of right tools to make a sound judgment. So how it works?

They say that extra-ordinary claims such as the existence of a Supreme Being requires extra-ordinary evidence. But I say you don’t need extra-ordinary things or evidence to arrive to a sound conclusion for extra-ordinary claim such as God’s existence.

They say that it is impossible to prove the non-existence of any God as it is impossible to prove the negative. I say is it impossible to prove that I’m wrong when I say that there is another satellite aside from the moon orbiting the earth?

I wonder why would these people do the things that are impossible for them to do. Why the hell would they observe the things that are unobservable or falsify the non-falsifiable?

I say there are enough data and facts science has collected over the years regarding our physical world and using that gray mass in their nutshell, calculate the possibilities on how all these things around us can exist by itself, including the cosmos or how this non-sentient universe was able to create a sentient being like us. Does the universe even aware of its own existence? Damn! even if I don’t believe in any God, my logic/reason would simply tells me that it is a lot easier for nature to make a working mobile phone, a car or satellite transmitters over a period of million or billion of years than to produce a single cell bacteria.

What I’m saying is that, the design of human life and the cosmos in general, are far more complex than this machine I’ve mentioned. If, by random acts, nature was able to combine the right components to produce a single cell over a period of million or billion years, it is, I guess easier to find the components to make the non-sentient machines to work in a lesser period of time.

But it took more than thousands of years to see one simple wheeled vehicle at work. The fact that this machine is far less complex than the human life, considering the higher probability to combine the right components in a much lesser time to make this machine works, must have been available billion of years ahead of man’s existence. But none of these uncomplicated machines were in existence prior to man’s appearance on earth. Why is that?

Plain and simple. No person in his right mind would tell you that simple machines such as wheel borrow, kitchen knife, a ladder, umbrella and cooking pots or architectures such as the great wall, pyramid, a tree-house or even bricked walls are products of random acts of nature. That is because by logical standard and definition, these must have been placed or put together with intent by some geniuses to exist. This is, by default the response of human brain – someone, somewhere made these things to exist and made it to appear like what they are. Although they deny the existence of a Creator, I am sure their brains function this way too.

That’s commonsense.

And those science fanatics told me that man and the universe need no sentient creator to exist – Bullshit!