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Many of us believe that there is a Super Being out there who is responsible for everything – who created the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’, the giver of ‘life’, the uncaused cause, the first mover – the Creator – or simply, God.

But is there really a God out there?

I usually spend my idle time lurking on the internet, mostly visiting forum sites and would usually found myself entangled into arguments with people belonging to the other side of the fence – the atheists. These are people who don’t believe in God (bet you know that already). In one of the discussions where I participated in, I was asked how I can believe in things that are not proven to be true. They said that God doesn’t exist simply because there is no evidence for God’s existence.

Believe me, these people can talk about just anything. From Bible to Encyclopaedia, Religion to Science and they can talk like those professors you can find in those top universities and colleges in your area. I can only have my admiration for these people on how they can challenge you in everything you say. They seem to have all the answers. They will make you look like idiot – which I believe, the very objective of some, if not all, why you’ll find them flooding the religious forums and hurling arguments to people like me – a believer. They seemed to appear more knowledgeable than those pastors that walk right through my doorstep. Funny, isn’t it?

Anyway, I joined in one of the discussions and I was met with this question right off the bat as a welcome note when they’ve learned that I’m from the other side of the fence. I felt very welcomed (sarcasm meant).

They argued that all they wanted is a proof or evidence for God’s existence. They wanted to tests this evidence for God’s Existence under their pre-approved scientific methods, which I find very obtuse.

But is there really a God? Can we really prove that there is a GOD?

Direct evidence for God’s existence can never be put under these precepts as God is not bounded by our physical world nor by time and space and therefore, such method can only be good for finding answers and defining what is going on around our physical world. And Science, with all its limitations, has been successfully doing this job – explaining how things happen. Maybe, just maybe one day, Science may be able to explain the beginning of the universe or how life came into existence but it can only hypothesize as to how and what happened from the beginning. It can never tell us the very reason for everything.

Am I going against science? Hell, no but as you would know, atheism rely solely for its existence on science and without science, atheism is dead. Atheism is like parasite that thrives on scientific explanations about our physical world to deny the existence of a Divine Being. They think that by having an explanation for everything would be a good foundation to advance their own belief system. Unknowingly, these people believe that science is on their side. I call these kind of people science fanatics as opposed to religious fanatics. More on this on my next entries.

Lately, I have been thinking to post all my thoughts about these proof or evidence for God’s Existence. And this is what I am doing now. From here on, you will read some of those replies I made against their claims. It may not be the best answer you can find around the net but this will surely keep them at bay.

Guarded by Plagiarisma.Net