When I opened my Facebook today, I’ve noticed that each person in my list flooded their status with words of gratitude and admiration for their mothers which I find interesting.

“Ah, so today is Mother’s Day,” I said to myself. Suddenly, a sad and empty feeling engulfed my whole being. Then my thoughts were filled with memories about my mom. It’s really true that happy memories make you cry. That may be the reason for this melancholic feeling that drives me crazy today.

Mother’s Days has been considered in most part of the world as the special day to thank the greatest person in our lives – our mothers.

For everything that they are and have done for us, for all the sacrifices, hardship and love that they have continued to shower us all through our lives, we consider this day a special day to thank her, to pay respect and to show gratitude and love for all the wonderful things that they have done for us.

But this time, I write to talk not about the great things a mother has done for her children. We all knew that already, I already knew how great this person is. There’ s no more to tell. The world already knew how important and special this person is that’s why we have this day to celebrate in honor of the mothers all over the world. But more than making this day special, are we doing enough to make the person special?

Yes, I am thankful for everything my mom has done for me. I love her. But then again I asked myself “is saying I Love You enough?”

Thoughts prey in my head (as usual).  I feel that I’m only doing a lip-service for this Mother’s Day and this make me feel bad about what the whole world celebrates today.

Am I doing enough to make her feel special? For all the time I have in the world, how much time did I spend with her?

When I drained the battery of my mobile phone for using it extensively, how many minutes I spent on the phone with her?

Did I spend my weekends with my mom or am I more excited to go out with my friends? And When I was home, did I spend some quality time with her and listen to her “bromidic sermons” or am I too busy managing my farmville to notice her?

Or may be I was too busy checking out status and comments of my friends on Facebook.

I may have my own excuses for not spending some of my precious time with the person I publicly proclaimed the greatest person on earth, but am I really doing enough to make her feel special and loved?

Personally, I feel that gifts or calling and greeting her on Mother’s Day would not be enough to make her feel special. Of course, my mom would certainly be happy, that’s for sure, if I call (she always seem happy to hear my voice). She would always appreciate little things you do for her. But if I do this once a year, what is so special about the person? We may call this day special because we set this day aside but let us not forget what makes this day special for all of us.

If given a chance, I would really love to spend more quality time with the greatest person on earth. Time is really so precious that you can only spend this once in your life and if you have spent it for wrong purpose, there is no way you can take it back. Good thing is, there is always a chance to make up for the lost time. And that’s how I want to spend this day and the days to come – this day would only be special if and when I am with the special person in my life – my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!