arranged marriage
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Today is not like those ordinary days in Dubai. For the last few days, light rain to momentary heavy rain is frequent, which is very unusual in this part of the world. The weather, the atmosphere, the feelings, altogether remind me of my childhood – kinda melodramatic, actually…huhu..

Although I kinda like having this kind of feelings once in a while (brings back some good memories from home), sometimes it gives me reason to hate the rain for a moment. Because rain means I need to clean my car every time I need to drive it. I hate driving filthy car.

Thought I already had my reason to start my day bad but the best surprise is yet to come. When I reached to where I parked my car, the whole place was covered with filthy water, with thick and sticky mud along it. What a day! I just cleaned my car yesterday and when I came down from the building where I am staying, I saw my car totally covered with dirt like those mallows dipped in chocolate coating. Okay, that’s exaggz.. I had to wrapped my feet with plastic bags I got from the nearby grocery just to get to my car. Now that’s hilarious.

I know this sinking feeling will soon turn into a bad day, which I don’t really like to happen, and so I tried to shrug it off by turning the radio to my fave songs at full blast while driving to work. I parked and went straight to my desk. As usual, I had my cup of coffee, nice and hot – the usual stuff I always love about my coffee paired with some freshly baked cinnamon which I bought from the nearby hypermarket that would always have freshly baked bread every day. I almost completely forgotten this melodramatic feelings and the stuff about my car when I bumped into my colleague at the pantry area. I don’t usually want to talk to anybody in the office when I’m having my coffee. An intimate moment with my coffee alone while it’s still smokin’ hot is all I wanted to do. It’s kinda habit of mine to keep no matter what.

So the chat I had with this guy is not as interesting as you would have imagined – sounds sarcastic, I know but you know what I mean. There are times that you just wanted to be alone and this is one of those.

The usual and casual hi and hello are fine but to talk about personal stuffs are things I find monotonous and uninteresting at best, especially when asks about my personal life by someone I don’t feel like talking to and he would ask everyday – that’s everyday, man. Damn! isn’t that tiring? Besides, you don’t want to blab to everyone every little thing that’s going on with your life. It’s not Facebook status. Get me?

But for some reasons, which I can’t recall why or how, our conversations suddenly shifted to his personal life. I didn’t ask, for sure. But I just realized that this person might need someone to talk to. Again, I was at the right place and at the right time. Lucky huh!

“I’m not happy with my life, man”, he blurted out. “Why is that?” I asked with confusion. “I don’t love my wife” his straight and direct reply. Ever since I got married, I’m not happy anymore. Everyone was happy on their wedding day but me, I was wearing and throwing fake smiles to everyone all the day long on my wedding day. My life is a disaster.”

“May be because it was an arranged marriage. Your parents arranged the marriage for you, right? Isn’t that the usual set up for you people, it’s a tradition, right?” was all I was able to say. “It wasn’t an arrangement, it was an adjustment.” Did I hear him right? Baffled, I inquired “What adjustment?” “I did it for one of my family members.” His poignant voice echoed in my ear. There is heaviness in his voice – a voice of total discontent. A voice of a soul looking for vindication from a life full of resentment.

That’s pathetic. “Why did you compromise your own happiness for others?” I continued. “I’ve got no choice, man. It’s my fate. I have to cover for a relative who’s in deep shit and marrying my wife is the only option. Now I’m suffering every bit of it.”

That’s ridiculous. Sacrifice is a virtues act when it is done for a noble cause and not just to bail someone out of trouble for the consequences of his action. And I don’t think marriage should be compromised for whatever reason. Marriage is the consummation of all good things between two people in love. If anyone enters into marriage just to bail someone out of trouble, I don’t think you can call that a noble act.

Come to think of it, I was whining and mulling about what had happened to my car after the rain, while others are fighting for survival every single second for the life they chose. Like this gentleman, his feigned smile was able to dissemble his resentment with devotion to the person he promised to love, but truth is, his life will always be a disaster.

They say that into every life a little rain must fall and when you think it pours hard on you, think again. May be it’s just  a rain shower.