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Why I’m not an Atheist…

In my previous entry "Is there a God?", you would have noticed that I never had my answer to the question I posted, that is because I really never intend to give one. I was thinking of an alternative way... Continue Reading →

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into every life a little rain must fall…

Today is not like those ordinary days in Dubai. For the last few days, light rain to momentary heavy rain is frequent, which is very unusual in this part of the world. The weather, the atmosphere, the feelings, altogether remind... Continue Reading →

Is there a God?

Many of us believe that there is a Super Being out there who is responsible for everything – who created the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’, the giver of ‘life’, the uncaused cause, the first mover – the Creator – or... Continue Reading →

What is beauty if brain is empty?

What is beauty if brain is empty? I used to hear this line when I was in high school. I thought such lines were cheesy and doesn’t relate to real world. But it seems that among those popular high school... Continue Reading →

The Apology of a wretched soul…

It was already dark when I arrived at my flat. I fumbled in the right pocket of my suitcase for my keys as I reached for the door. When I entered the room, a gloomy face of a perturbed man... Continue Reading →

beyond physics…

When I was writing my previous blog entry "an old wives’ tale…" all I ever wanted was to build bridges and fill the gaps between opposing ideas about love – conventional versus modern understanding. I never planned to come up... Continue Reading →

while I was sleeping…

It was almost midnight; the cold wind blew swiftly on my face as the dark clouds begin to hover over the earth. It covered the entire skies as far as I can see. I looked around, it was dark everywhere.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!!!

Today the whole Church commemorates the birth of one of the most important persons that ever walked on the earth, the Blessed Virgin Mary or Mama Mary as fondly called by most Christians. The Blessed Virgin’s coming to earth signifies... Continue Reading →

an old wives’ tale…

I really don’t have any particular thing in mind to talk about today. All I'm thinking is to write something that is terrible to hear from a person like me (well at least for those who know me inside out).... Continue Reading →

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