In a recent Senate hearing on fake news headed by Sen. Grace Poe, Senators A.Tril, RiSHonti, Bam A. and K.Pang, attacked pro-Duterte Bloggers Mocha Uson and RJ Nieto the man behind Thinking Pinoy blog and mind you not for fake news but for having political views not aligned to theirs. But the attacked backfired and exposed the idiocy of those Senators who tried to question the two on how they should exercise their freedom of expression.

The ‘Sin-ators’ questioned the content of Uson’s and Nieto’s blogs, which technically amounts to ‘questioning’ on how they should exercise their very rights to freedom of expression.

I watched the hearing and all I can say is that some senators without naming them, as I don’t have to for obvious reasons that they really are, flaunt their stupidity in the grandest way possible on live national television.

Here’s why.

fakenews-hearing-first-day_x.jpg Photo Credit to Philstar

A blog is a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer; also :the contents of such a site.

…. an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors

– merriam-webster

Simply, a blog is a way to express ones’ opinion or personal view on things that matter to him  or her. This freedom to express opinions and personal views is a right of every Filipino guaranteed under Art. 3 of the Constitution. The same provision of the Constitution prohibits the passing of any law that curtails, limits or suppresses the freedom of expression. Ever wondered why these Sin-ators singled-out pro-Duterte bloggers and attacked their opinions and political views during the hearing on fake news? Because they are stupid. Period. This sarcasm if I may call it such, may only be true if these Senators were really out there to prove that they really are ‘stupid.’ Again, period.

If these pro-Duterte bloggers are guilty of any crimes or broke any laws, then file appropriate charges against them. But to question and intimidate  resource persons not to speak their minds by asking to apologize to De Lima who happens to be disliked not only by the two bloggers but by Duterte supporters in general, during a Senate hearing is ‘unconstitutional’. Clearly, what these Senators did is a blatant form of intimidation and harassment (if I may call it) as they are in position, power and authority and the fact that it happened during a Senate hearing, is a clear display of such arrogance that violates the Constitutional Rights of the resource persons.

The COMELEC once tried to curtail this very freedom of expression in its Resolution No. 2167 (Section 19 in particular) but the Supreme Court declared it ‘Unconstitutional’ (G.R. No. 90878). Our laws provide mechanism for crimes against honors. Why not use that mechanism instead? Why suppress the freedom of expression i.e. blog or blogging? Blogging is not a ‘news’ article, in fact it is considered a personal page that reflects personal views and opinions of the writer. It is not meant to provide ‘information’ to public as part of Public Service sanctioned by the law.

Bloggers are not media outfits that operates under certain condition and guideline. They don’t need to secure franchises or permits from Congress and the Office of the President as media outfits do. So why held them liable for any biased opinions as if they are media outfits? Opinion will always be biased that’s why it’s an opinion in contrast to media outfit that serves the public interest in the name of public service and governed by specific set of rules and law. Blogging is an opinion expressed in writing and meant for people who shared the same views as the writer. Opinions or personal views are not sanctioned by any laws until such content is deemed inappropriate i.e libelous. Till then, the freedom of expression of every Filipino or blogger for that matter, should be respected and safeguarded, be it a pro or anti-Duterte, to freely, without intimidation or harassment, express their views and opinion even it offends the senses, political views and preferences of the ‘few’ idiots in the Senate.