What is beauty if brain is empty?

I used to hear this line when I was in high school. I thought such lines were cheesy and doesn’t relate to real world. But it seems that among those popular high school saying about life, this one speaks with candor.

Beauty holds a particular place in our lives especially for men but does this necessarily mean that beauty is everything there is in life? Though some women may have perfected the art of persuasion with their mind-blowing beauties to their advantage, I often find it reprehensible to be one when a girl seemed to unable to fill a line in a conversation. One need not to be Shakespeare or Einstein to understand the flow of conversations you only need to have one good understanding about what’s going on around you to join and enjoy the ride.

But such few creatures are truly blessed to possessed both – a beauty and a nutshell filled with gray mass we call brain. Such attributes are believed to be the cause for Kingdoms to fall and great men to fumble. Beauty or charm feeds the soul with ephemeral desires of most men. It lures the eyes, poisons the mind and blinds the heart – a perfect survival kit to get what a woman desires not necessarily from a man but in this world.

But ladies, don’t be too proud of your beauties and guys to be fooled by beautiful faces and charms. Flaunting your beauties may work wonders at times but often than not, most men see beauty without wits like a beast without fangs. It stings no one and harms no one. In fact, the failure to harm means your inability to defend yourself from outside threats but definitely gals with angelic faces will surely get the attention that every woman desires from men – that’s basic instinct.