When I was writing my previous blog entry “an old wives’ tale…” all I ever wanted was to build bridges and fill the gaps between opposing ideas about love – conventional versus modern understanding. I never planned to come up with such a materialist fanatical view about it as I’m not one.

While trying to maintain commonality, I found myself confronted with the problem of reality. That is to say that, love is something that has no atomic composition, no mass and no physical quantifiable delineation, to say the least, to prove its existence within the precincts of scientific methodology of the modern world. Thus, I have to be contented with the explanation that love is nothing but an activity in the brain, with some electrical impulses and hormonal interactions that produce non-quantifiable assumption. In other words, love is an imagined truth.

Though, such ideas are proverbial to me from the time Philosophy invaded my consciousness, I was merely thinking of writing ideas from another perspective, contrary to common perceptions – negating the usual understanding about this thing we call love. Unfortunately, I have set the whole place on fire.

And now, I feel like obligated to defend the existence of love in our daily life. Not to prove like what science do in their labs but to at least, explain rationally. But it is like locking the barn door after the horse is gone now.

Is love an actual reality?

Ok, love is not like atoms and electromagnetism but like atoms and electromagnetism, love can be determined based on its effects to perceivable physical reality – by its manifestations. I will maintain that, though love doesn’t possessed atomic and magnetic characteristics, still its manifestation is evident. Whatever that manifests cannot be regarded as non-existent. Physical reality is not the only reality there is, aside from physical, there is unseen reality that exists and can be observed through its manifestations. It may exist beyond the realms of material world but not apart from it.

Reality is not restricted to atomic compositions alone. In fact, reality does not always refer to things that can be perceived by human eyes nor reality is defined by physical characteristics. Otherwise, we have to abandon everything we believe and accept as true, if it is not known to show atomic or magnetic characteristics such as, gravity, space and time.

So, what is the source of love then??? How it operates within the context of family and in relationships, let’s say with wife and children? What complexity is there to explain its nature? For there is no known scientific explanations of love that has ever been observed, except the manifestations it has shown in a person. And whether love is socially dependent, as a social phenomenon or as psychological as it is emotional, surely it exists beyond physical measures. Whether a person believes in love as infused by God to each individual or not, whatever explanation there would be, we have come to know about love from our own experience – that there is something beyond our naked eyes can perceive and scientific methods can measure but we all come to experience because we feel its presence.

There are things in this world that are invisible to the naked eyes, yet, held to be true. Such things can only be demonstrated through its effects that transcend physical reality. It is in this way that we come to know what love is.