It was almost midnight; the cold wind blew swiftly on my face as the dark clouds begin to hover over the earth. It covered the entire skies as far as I can see. I looked around, it was dark everywhere. Everything around me was filled with darkness and horror. I can hear men, women, children, crying and screaming, uttering prayers while others run like mad dogs in all directions. A deafening thunder engulfed and shattered the whole place. Its crisp sounds overwhelmed the howling of the despaired souls as its laser-like zigzagging lightning cuts the darkened skyline like Voltes V’s Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

When I looked to the sky, I saw the heavens splintered like a tint glass and an ocean of fires welling in its cracks like magma. This time, I can feel my whole body trembling, horrified by what I’ve seen. I wanted to run but I was frozen in horror. My feet were glued to the ground like a lighthouse watching helplessly as the ocean rage its waves on the shores.

The scenes were horrible beyond imagination. It wasn’t like the Bruce Willie’s Armageddon where a millisecond flash of Liv Tyler’s angelic face on the screen briefly expunge the fear of the impending doom, the catastrophic impact of an asteroid on earth.

At this moment, it is clear to me that Judgment Day has been served and that Mayor Schwarzenegger must be on some sort of Mel Gibson’s payback action packed stunts to serve on me too. Knowing that my end is near, I knelt and prayed earnestly as they do in Vatican City and just as what repentant sinners would do, I recited my confession – I asked for forgiveness for all the things I have done wrong and for all the good things that I’ve failed to do.  “Why it has to happen now when I have not done anything yet for Your Glory?” I asked God. I know I sounded like I’m running a speech for my canonization rite for sainthood but I could have done it better should it was for the Oscar’s acceptance speech for bagging the best actor trophy.. .But the sad thing was heavens didn’t drop me a line for my performance or so I thought.

As I finished my speech, not too far away, I saw a shimmering ray of light slowly breaching the darkened sky with its rays heading towards my direction, but just like any other movies I’ve seen, a twist just happened right when the light almost catch my gloomy face. Wait…did someone just scream “cut” coz it’s over now. I opened my eyes and my face was damped with tears and my eyes were still teary. I realized that I was sobbing all along like a baby that needs a lovable babysitter like the super hot Megan Fox Odette Yustman (The Unborn) to make me feel better.

As scenes were played like true and actual events in my brain that makes the Mall of Asia’s Imax with all its 3D technology obsolete, a really creepy feeling entangled my thoughts – the world is going to an end and what’s more terrifying is the idea that I will be judged sooner for all my actions.

These were all the events that happened in one of those star starry nights of 1992- all while I was sleeping.

When I think about this, I can’t keep myself from doing anything except to ask if I have done what I ought to do. Looking back on my life, I can only recall what I have missed. And a sorry feeling would certainly not help to bail myself out if judgment day would come today.

Lately, I have missed the things that have defined my life and if only I could bring back the time, I would definitely not have waited for Michael Jay Fox to take me back to the future. But I can only hope. Another day will pass and everything seems to stay like it used to be – missing a part of my life. Sad.