Today the whole Church commemorates the birth of one of the most important persons that ever walked on the earth, the Blessed Virgin Mary or Mama Mary as fondly called by most Christians.

The Blessed Virgin’s coming to earth signifies the beginning of our salvation as it was through her that the Word was Made Flesh (Luke 1:28, 35). Salvation was accomplished by Jesus through the participation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the plan of salvation. It was through this great feat that Mary became a co-redemptrix of Jesus, the Savior.

God perfectly prepared Mary for the coming of Jesus into the world as God filled her with Holy Spirit and bestowed her with Grace like no other. She was made the fountain of Grace for all mankind by giving Jesus to the world. Her union with God was sealed with the Incarnation of Jesus through Mary. They were one in body, soul and spirit. With this, Mary was and will always be one and forever be united with God. It is in these qualities that we call her Our Mother.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, help us who have recourse to thee.