I really don’t have any particular thing in mind to talk about today. All I’m thinking is to write something that is terrible to hear from a person like me (well at least for those who know me inside out). Perhaps a disgusting idea about love would be great. We heard so many good stuffs about love and I was thinking to play a little grimy to muddy the waters with some stupid ideas.

Love is being depicted, since time immemorial, as the best thing there could ever be in this world. More precious than gold, more magnificent than the red diamonds, expands wider than the horizon and considered as one of the most powerful forces on earth (this I guess refers to influence rather than the conventional meaning of force).

If only love can be sold like those expensive diamonds, I bet people would do just anything to keep it safe from robbers. Nobody wants to lose a penny to anybody for any reason, right? But how many people giving themselves out blindly to some jerks in the name of stupid love?

From novels to comics to operas and movies, we have seen great love stories written in fantasy land with the likes of Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose (from the infamous Titanic), Casablanca and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We also have seen love stories written in history such as the stories of Cleopatra and Anthony, whose love for each other brought war to the world, the exquisite Taj Mahal monument majestically stands in Agra, India as a testament of love between Prince Khuram and Mumtaz Mahal. These are just some of many stories that show nothing but love in its grandest presentations – moving mountains, crossing the deep blue oceans, climbing the highest mountains, dying a thousand times, are expressions of love that seemed to defy laws of natures and of man. But for all we know, there is only one thing this love has truly conquered – the heart of the person that is being in love.

These and all other stories about love must have made our desire to have that love in the belief it will make our life happier. But why such great love stories must end in tragedy just to be great? Aren’t love supposed to make us happy and fulfilled in the end? Hmmm…Just wondering… may be love is just another old wives’ tale.

Is love for real or just an illusion?

If love is true as they say, why then we often see couples end up in goodbyes? If it is pure when they first exchanged vows, why some relationships must end because one or both parties have fallen out of love? If love is so true that it can conquer the world and the universe, why it seems too powerless to conquer the differences that lead to falling out of love with someone? Why people do fall in love and why people fall out of love with someone? Why love, in its grandest presentations fall short to overcome the incompatibilities, differences and imperfections of persons? And yet, this same love is said to have moved and climbed the highest mountains or crossed the deep blue oceans and have stood over the test of time.

made for each other

If love is an illusion perceived to be true from its first conception, then love is nothing but a lie; absolutely non-extent in the real sense of the word and everything about love that they wanted us to believe is only there for people to have something to hold on to – to have an explanation to this social/human phenomenon of people being together and call the attachment / bond love, but in the real sense of it, all are nothing but an act of human survival – an instinct innate to social being like man to feed his desire – the sense of belonging.

Accuse me, if you wish, of being a materialist fanatic but this is how things are in real life…an inconvenient truth…like it or hate it… I don’t give a damn…

But then again, a question popped in my mind… can man survive without love?

Why Am I here??

For what is a person’s worth if he hasn’t known love? On the other hand, what is a person’s worth when love has lost its meaning and hope has gone because of love?