While working on the idea on how I would want this blog be identified in terms of interests and topic diversity, I decided to publish some of my earlier works like this entry I called “as good as it gets” that talks about the people we meet every day to serve as a primer. Just some thoughts ’bout life…

Here it goes….

It only takes a minute to meet someone but takes days or months or even years to know someone.

Indeed. But in the real world, there are only as many as the rainfalls in the desert will you meet true people in your entire life. Every day we face situations that push us to play our parts therein. Sadly, in most cases, we come to play the parts wherein we can’t be the persons that we come to know of ourselves. We allow others to see only a mirror of ourselves that reflects the image of what we want others to perceive and believe about us. Why are we compelled to be unreal people in a real situation is one truth that I hate to love. I’d assume that this might be some sort of natural defense mechanism like the instinct of self-preservation. It’s like building walls around us to fend off an attack. It might be true but still, whatever the reason there’d be, I’d rather be alone than to associate myself with those kind of people. I don’t want to explain right now. bwahaha..

while in Singapore

Imagine everyday day in our life, people come and people go…it can be an arduous task if we try to bother ourselves checking on those people about their true selves regularly… anyway, out of those, I’m sure there are those who’d stay as friends and some who’d just vanish without a word…there are those who’d pretend to be real and those who’d show their true selves in an instant…there are those who’d truly value the person they’d meet and some would just care less…I wonder who among those I’ve met can be considered as real people. You couldn’t tell really until the situations call for it…I realize that there is no better way to live life but to enjoy what it offers today…that includes each and every person that comes my way everyday…lucky enough that I have made a lot of good friends in the path I chose.. they may not be around the whole year round to cheer me up…but one thing they must know about – I certainly am grateful that somehow, somewhere I have come to know them once in my life…knowing that I shall pass but once in this world…and that trudging on the same road with them even for a while or meeting them on the crossroads in this journey called life is truly a treasure of its own worth…cheers!